Asakura Hao...Is a SHAMAN.


Asakura Hao's Oversoul Spirit Of Fire.

Interesting fact(s).==

In Japan, Hao means a person/Thing of great respect.

Hao truly wanted Tao Ren to join, but was declined in an enraged fashion.

End of shaman king.Edit

Hao was turned into Shaman King, and stopped from destroying the whole human population, because they found his mother.


Asakura Hao, The primary antagonist of Shaman King, Hao Asakura is a member of the Asakura family. An Onmyōji priest, Hao failed to win his first Shaman King tournament but was able to reincarnate with full awareness of his past life in time to participate in the next tournament and again for the current tournament.

In his second life, Hao was reincarnated as a member of the Patch tribe and was successful in taking control of the Spirit of Fire, an elemental spirit that embodies the essence of one of the five elements of nature. Currently Hao was reincarnated as identical twins, with his soul split between Yoh and himself. Following his rebirth, Hao escaped from the Asakura family with the help of the Spirit of Fire.

In the months leading up to the tournament Hao began to kill prospective competition while gathering an entourage to assist him in winning the current Shaman King tournament.

Hao's Furyoku is 1,250,000, an extremely high level compared with the other characters' Furyoku levels in Shaman King

(manga) Hao is the founder of the Asakura family and is regarded as the yin yang master. This is because of the religion or belief in the five pointed star of destruction. each point with one element. his spirit the nature spirit of fire is one of the five elemental spirits in the great spirit. Hao lived actually 1000 years ago from the time period in the manga and yoh is one of his great descendants. being the founder of the Asakura he is defeated by them, but manages to reincarnate 500 years later. in the fist reincarnation he is reincarnates into the patch tribe (the ancient tribe that run the Shaman fight) and is defeated by Asakura Yohken (another ancestor of Yoh)and Matumane a spirit hat has been in the Asakura family for 1000 years. Persistent he reincarnates himself into the Patch tribe. He has a wife and son who is Silva of the ten patch officiants. He then nearly wins the shaman fight but is defeated by the mysterious past shaman king. Hao then decides to reincarnate back into his family. Asakura Mikihisa, knowing Hao would reincarnate into his pregnant wife, tells her and they both agree to kill the baby as soon as it is born, with Asakura Yohmei to do the honors.(Mikihisa's father) But fate decides that Mikihisa's wife will have twins and so Hao is born in two halfs, Hao himself as his shaman half, and Asakura Yoh as his human half.