Yoh asakura is one of the main protagonists in the story/plot.


Yoh was born on May 12, 1985. Yoh wants to become Shaman King to fulfill his promise to his fiancée, Anna Kyoyama. In the anime Anna saved Yoh and because of this he promised Anna that he would make her the Shaman Queen when he becomes the Shaman King. In the manga, it is Yoh who saved Anna. Yoh fell in love with Anna at first sight, but at that time Anna was having problems with her powers and hated humans and the world, which was why she told Yoh to choose another wife. She also made the remark, "What a pathetic guy. To think that somebody like you would be my future husband"(referring to Yoh). Yoh is also the human side of Asakura Hao, an immensely powerful shaman who reincarnated himself in order to be able to participate in the Shaman Fight. The shaman side and human side of Hao were separated when their birth mother, Keiko Asakura, gave birth to twins. Yoh is part of the Team Funbari Onsen (The name of the inn Anna wants to build). In the manga Yoh also goes to Hell to train, an honor given to him by Lady Sati, and is granted the power of purification. He becomes one of the Five Elemental Warriors and gains the Spirit of Earth. Manta, Ren, Ryu of the Wooden Sword, Horo Horo and Chocolove are Yoh's best friends and are very important to him because they were the first friends he had ever had.




Laid back. always seems to be smiling.



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