Chocolove McDonell (チョコラブ・マクダネル Chokorabu Makudaneru, Joco in the english anime) is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series of Shaman King.


He is African American boy of average height and he always has his hair in an Afro. He wears an African wrap on the lower half of his body, an open white dress shirt and cloth booths as his street clothes. His battle outfit is a yellow native dress with red and green patterns and a black open vest. The dress and the accessories where all from a tribe in South America and was given to Chocolove by his master Orona.

When he was still a part of the Shaft Gang he was clean shaved and wore cargo pants knickers and a black jersy. As he was clean shaven one could see the scar he recieved the day his parents were killed and is a symbol of his sad childhood.


Chocolove likes to tell jokes to his companions a lot; the only draw back is that his jokes and puns are corny and make no sense most of the time. The others have the tendency to run after him or beat him up after telling a joke. Typically, he gets on people's nerves with his jokes though Yoh occasionally let off a light chuckle to them, and both Tamao and Pirika laugh hysterically. One time, Ren states that he is jealous of Chocolove's courage to tell an obviously corny joke.

His goal in life is to be the Shaman King and a great comedian because he was inspired by his master. Both of them believe that laughter is the best medicine, so even if people do not believe that his jokes are that funny, he does not give up and he tries even harder to achieve his goal to give the world what it needs the most, laughter.


Chocolove is a supposed comedian but in reality is not really funny, although one of his jokes did save his friends. His oversoul is different than most shamans since he and and Mic literally become one. This uses the full power of both Chocolove and Mic at the same time but is taxing since they both have to be synced the entire time they are oversouled. While in his oversoul, he tells a joke which only the spirits seemed to understand (the
other shamans responded with an ellipsis...). Most of his techniques involve making spirits (and very rarely, humans) laugh, making them a vulnerable target to attack. After going blind to atone for his sins, some of his other senses seemed to have been increased as he is able to smell the position, of Yoh and the others, who were currently at the time running from golem.

While fighting his way through the Plants, kyoyama Anna looked through the Furyoku values of Chocolove and the others. There it is revealed that his Furyoku is about 197,500, thus giving him the highest Furyoku reserve of the five elemental warriors..He also possesses the power of wind, allowing him to use his Furyoku to erode anything in his vicinity.


His former master used to own a guardian ghost named Mic Jaguar(Mic in the english anime) (a takeoff from Mick Jagger), who was passed down to Chocolove when he died. With Mic he creates an Over Soul in a pair of Shaft Claws on his right hand and the rest of his body, thus giving Chocolove the speed and keen senses of Mic.

During the second rounds he gains a second spirit guardian named Pascal Avaf(パ スカル・ァパフ). His oversoul with Pascal is a giant stone head. It is the same as most other shaman in the sense that he is literally using Pascal as a weapon but it also differs than most shaman in that it uses absolutely no attacks. Instead it provides Chocolove the power to literally walk on air and move at an incredible speed. With the power of Pascal Avaf and Mic, Chocolove creates his new armor oversoul, O.S. "Jaguarman"(O.S.ジャガーマン).

He also gains the spirit of wind, that according to Pascal Avaf has the ability to slice the wind with it's wings.