Jeanne in her Battle outfit.

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She is the leader of the X-Laws, To most readers or watchers of the Anime or Manga, she is religious, she restores her furyoku while in rest inside an old Iron Maiden of the midevil punishment equitment, she is assumed to be pure, but she had killed some one in the Shaman Fights, and she regrets it durinf her meet up with his brother.


She is mostly honoured, protected, and followed by Marco out of all of them, he would protect her with his life if need be.


It is said that she married Tao Ren, And they had a Child Named Men.

It is Untiol why her belt has a key, and thus, has bemiffed every one.

She made a deal with Asakura Yoh when Tao Ren died fo Yoh to quit the Shaman Fight, then she will revive him.